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function equals form.
----------We see it as our duty to evaporate dull digital experiences. That's why we love building solutions that people love to see, use, and interact with. Our ultimate goal is to provide functional designs without compromising aestethics.
us - in a nutshell
Expert craftsmanship
with a client-first ethos

We never lose track of our core principles

Our commitment to being client-centered and user-focused ensures that we provide a personalized experience tailored to your specific needs. Our result-oriented approach guarantees that the end result meets and exceeds your expectations. We believe in honesty, straightforwardness, and reliability, always being transparent in our approach and delivering on our promises.

Client-centered & user-focused
Estethics are equally important as function
Honest, straightforward & reliable
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Analyzing user behavior

is what gets us up every day

We go to great lengths to gain insights into user and consumer behavior, allowing us to build connections and design strategies that foster a strong connection to your brand. At Voyage, data forms the foundation of all we do. Our data-driven approach leads to the creation of solutions that empower organizations to reach their goals. When data is limited, we start small, implement and then scale.

Small agency

large skill set

Our experience in digital media and online marketing, combined with our natural curiosity, has resulted in a broad range of skills. From web design to development and 3D, we excel in each field. The high value we deliver is a result of our flexibility and adaptability. We move fast and avoid tedious bureaucratic processes as much as possible.

Our services

Responsive web Design for Mooa by Voyage Digital. A picture of a smartphone with a web page. 3D visuals Joep Esseling created for Voyage Digital. The home page for Bureau Vandale, by Voyage Digital. Branding work for Mooa by Voyage Digital.Branding work for Mooa by Voyage Digital.

Meet the team

We are creative problem solvers who love technical innovations in the design spectrum. Data for the mind, aesthetics for the heart.

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Joep Esseling
Role: co-founder
Fields of expertise: 3D, graphic design, UX/UI, web design
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Profile picture of Joep Esseling.
Hi, I'm Joep. I have over 10 years of experience in the design business and have worked for multiple creative companies. I have always been interested in creative work, finding balance between aesthetics and functionality, pushing the boundaries, and being on the hunt for new functionalities that we can apply in design for the future.
Vincent Theunissen
Role: co-founder
Fields of expertise: UX/UI, web design & development
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Profile picture of Vincent Theunissen.
My name is Vincent. I worked for more than 6 years for one of the biggest online retailers in Europe, in several different job roles. Here, I learned about SEO, customer research, online marketing, building leading customer journeys, writing strong content, and much more.
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